A NEW WORLD - Fallout 4 Journal Entry #1

Fallout 4, a Bethesda video game set in post-nuclear America. Awakening from Vault 111, Kendra must adapt to a new life, a new world and the horrors that plague. These are her journals as she travels across the Commonwealth. Fallout 4 has countless quests, multiple endings and many play styles. This journey will not be identically the same as yours but that is the beauty of Fallout 4 and what it has to offer all of us gamers.

Some of the details within this fictionalised series will differ to your Fallout 4 experience due modding and varied gameplay styles and choices.


I cannot believe what has happened. This world is not what I remember. Nuclear flame has destroyed all across Boston. I couldn't believe my eyes when I came out of that death trap, Vault 111. This Vault-Suit I'm in just reminds me of the horrors and lies we suffered down there, but I have no other clothes to wear.

Why would Vault-Tech do such a thing to us down there.....my Son, gone! Taken by strangers. I must find him!

But where do I start? Boston is now a wasteland...fortunately on my return home in Sanctuary Hills Codsworth was still there working away, my trusty handyman robot. With everything that has happened in a blink of an eye, seeing Codsworth was a relief. Something from before I could understand. A small comfort for me to hold onto in this new world. After all he is the only family I have left now by my side, even if it is a robotic machine. There was a heartfelt goodbye before the bombs dropped, I'm glad he is still here.

Codsworth eluded to the fact its been over 200 years since we left for the Vault....200 years old! This will take some time to sink in, but that would explain the overgrowth of vegetation across the Commonwealth.

My home is destroyed and my family is gone. Codsworth suggested I go down to Concord just past the old Red Rocket Truck Stop to find some survivors. I don't know if I am prepared for such a task but I must find Shaun, my dear son.

Everything is so different, but I must persist. I made a promise to my husband that I would get Shaun back.

Hopefully this PIP-Pad and holotape recordings will keep me on track as this new life in a new world unravels before me...

- Kendra


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