Raiders...Gunners...What More? - Fallout 4 Journal Entry #4


Nate is seemingly ready to accompany me on the journey. He's been quiet about everything that has happened. Being a former soldier I think he is struggling to accept the way the world is now. A wasteland full of death and danger. It's fallen so far. I don't fully understand this place but I have no choice but to accept it as this is now the reality.

It's nice to finally get underway in trying to get to Diamond City but even with the past few days of planning the journey ahead, I am still lost. As much as I want to get there straight away it's clear that I need to stick around the group at Sanctuary. They know this world and I don't. I can't rush this. It pains me as I feel like I am wasting time in trying to find Shaun but I'm no help if I am dead. Preston has an obligation to stay with these vulnerable people So I can't rely on him to come with me. But I understand.

Preston told us about a few people who were looking for help from the Minutemen. Word travels it seems when you speak to merchants and traders. "Tenpines Bluff" was the name of the place, no idea where it is, but Preston gave us rough directions. The more and more things I agree to help with the more it seems I am part of the Minutemen cause but the way I see things is if I agree to help I will hopefully find Diamond City sooner rather than later...

The residents at Tenpines Bluff were surprised to see us. In their mind the Minutemen were no more after the "Quincy Massacre". Something that Preston has spoke about sporadically. I couldn't quite believe that these people were living in a small shack in the middle of nowhere. How they hadn't been killed is beyond me. They were quick to reveal their issues. Raiders. It seems Raiders are a plague across the Commonwealth. Apparently these Raiders were from "Corvega Assembly Plant". Praying on the weak. Bullying. True scum of this world. Who would've thought that human beings would get worse than those who decided to drop atomic bombs on the world!

Its infuriating. I couldn't just step by and not help.

After finding out where this assembly plant was and that it would put us closer to Diamond City, me and Nate agreed to try and help stop these Raiders on our way to Diamond City. We are currently situated at Starlight Drive-In...feels eerie here. Large open place with no one here. There are some remains so we've taken advantage of this and the sleeping bag that's here. Our good boy Dogmeat is keeping watch, giving us some sort of break. We certainly need it after encountering that damn mercenary group the "Gunners". They were hanging around the bloody ruined overpass. We luckily got passed them without injury and took some of them with us. They seemed to be more concerned with protecting their territory than chasing a pair of strangers. What has this world become? The good will of people is few and far between nowadays. Maybe we should toughen up as well...

I can't imagine what else is out there. Surely nothing is worse than the Deathclaw back in Concord?

Either way I am grateful to have this PIP-Pad with me to document all of this. I might have Nate here with me and Dogmeat but there is a sense of loneliness here in the wasteland. So much has changed...I know I'm saying that a lot but it has. I haven't grown up with this world. I've been dumped into this world 200 years later. I'm not even sure my mind will ever comprehend all of this. I believe my son is still out there, alive, I have to believe and keep faith in what Mamma Murphy said to me. He's out there somewhere. Hopefully he remembers me after all of this. I'm not even sure how I am going to raise him in this world. What do I teach him? Survival? To live in the ways of the past?
It is freaking me out just thinking about it. I have to calm down. I have to stay strong if I am ever going to reach Diamond City. Keep it together Kendra. That is what I keep telling myself and hopefully that will work.

The night draws in. I don't trust what is out there so we will wait until morning to make further progress towards Corvega Assembly and Diamond City...

- Kendra