The Minutemen? - Fallout 4 Journal Entry #2


Concord is not a pleasant place anymore. Not the small town I remember from over 200 years ago. I've been out of the Vault a day and already I'm questioning whether it was all worth it. All that war ended by nuclear fire....for what? An endless fight for survival in a wasteland that was once our proud country. I didn't realise that the world would fall further than on the brink of nuclear war, but I was clearly wrong.

I've got myself a companion in the form of a dog, known as Dogmeat. He's a good boy and I could definitely use the company as I look for Shaun. And I have to admit if it wasn't for Dogmeat I probably wouldn't have survived my first encounter with these so called "Raiders" and all the crazy irradiated bugs flying around. Not to mention those damn Mole Rats. I already hate this world!

People here are more crazy than I could ever imagine. Codsworth did warn me but I never thought there would be "Raiders" who attack anything and anyone.

Nevertheless amongst all this chaos I found the "Minutemen", yeah you heard that right?

These Minutemen, more accurately this one guy Preston Garvey, aren't the Minutemen from the past in the American Revolution. No this is a modern interpretation. A group trying to do the right thing in this post-apocalyptic world. One more thing that makes this wasteland a tad more confusing. I'm not sure I quite believe it but Preston seems to be passionate about his purpose. But it's not my place to agree or disagree with him.

Some crazy old lady, Mamma Murphy, has this "Sight" and told me about Shaun. He's alive! I'm not fully convinced in what she says as she looks out of her mind but I have to have faith that he is still out there waiting for me. I am his mother, he needs me. She has pointed me towards Diamond City, the Green Jewel of the Commonwealth. Unfortunately I don't know where that is so it looks like I'll have to stick around with these people a little while longer. They are the only help I have.

Plus I don't really want to encounter another one of those Deathclaw's on my own. It was bad enough with the help. I'm not even going to attempt in guessing what that beast was.

They were looking for Sanctuary to start a new life, for what seems like the Minutemen cause. A noble purpose in the eyes of Preston Garvey. He even asked if I would like to join his cause. A bit of desperation perhaps as we've only just met but I have more pressing matters to attend to. I will stick around though. This was my home and I have Codsworth here with me. They all want to build a community and from what it looks like I won't have any other safer place to stay. Maybe something good will come out of all this.

I'm not sure its sunk in yet, everything that has happened. Nate is dead. Shaun is gone and this world is in ruins. As a thank you for my help in Concord today Preston has agreed to help me bring Nate home from the Vault so I can bury him. Hopefully he will be able to find some peace in this godforsaken world...

- Kendra