This is crazy! - Fallout 4 Journal Entry #3


He's alive! Nate is alive! My family hasn't been torn apart after all. The cryo-stasis chamber saved his life...maybe Vault 111 had one redeeming factor.

It is clear that the guilt weighs heavy on his shoulders when Shaun was taken but there was little he or I could do about it. At least we are still here now to make up for what happened and get our baby back. Preston and the group are seemingly taking to life in Sanctuary very well. The place may be a shell of its former self but there is optimism in the air. The injuries Nate has undergone requires rest and a nice dose from a stimpak. When he is fit and able we will try and head for Diamond City.

Sturges, when he has stopped working on repairs in the town for a second, showed me roughly where Diamond City is on my PIP-Pad. I'm grateful but I have no idea what is between me and that city. I constantly look to the horizon and just see a forested wasteland. After what I witnessed in Concord i'm not really sure I want to find out what is out there in the wilds of the Commonwealth. But I seemingly have no choice, otherwise that would mean giving up and abandoning my infant son. That isn't an option!

Waiting for Nate to recover is difficult but he was badly wounded. At least I can help with Sanctuary Hills in the meantime. I haven't joined the Minutemen but I am more than willing to help build up this place. My family need somewhere to stay after we get Shaun back. Our old house will be our home again. Preston is up tight constantly, worried about threats that could kill the last of the people he's managed to keep safe so far. Sturges is showing his craftsmanship repairing a house but I have made it clear that my pre-war home should be left alone.

Marcy is an uptight bitch, while Jun is depressed. Maybe he should take some of the chems that Mamma Murphy seems hooked on. This is a peculiar group of people but they at least haven't shot at me so far. I'm still trying to get my head around everything that is going on in this world. So much chaos and evil. Preston continues to talk about the Minutemen, part of me thinks its so I will join his cause but there is genuine belief in the words he speaks. Despite everything he has seemingly lost, the ray of hope he believes in with the Minutemen cause is admirable.

As each hour passes more and more is revealed about this world that I am stuck in. Trying to contemplate everything as well as thinking about my poor boy. To help clear my mind myself and Dogmeat went on patrol waiting for Nate to recover from his injuries. Unfortunately it didn't help clear my mind. Raiders patrol the hills around here. Wild dogs roam around and that's not even mentioning the bloody mutated bugs flying around. I found a wooden watchtower not to far away from Sanctuary. Skeletons lay within. A note on one of the corpse's state this is "Minutemen Watchtower: Alpha". Preston had mentioned these so-called watchtowers in his ramblings. I wonder how many are scattered across the Commonwealth?
Nevertheless the group, especially Preston, was pleased with what I found in the watchtower. Old Minutemen fatigues and ammunition will come in handy for his cause. It is clear the main goal of this world is to survive day by day.

And from what I have seen so far is that it will be difficult to survive on my trip to Diamond City. They have given me the rough location marked on my PIP-Pad and it seems a long way off especially through all the danger that is lurking around. I'll have to make sure I mark down every location that passes me by, it seems that every where is a point of interest now. A story in every corner of the Commonwealth...

One last note in this entry that I want to make is how baffling it is to learn that bottlecaps, primarily from Nuka-Cola are the new currency of these lands. Bottlecaps? Really, this world is crazy.

- Kendra