An Unknown Alliance - Fallout 4 Journal Entry #9

If you haven't read the previous entries, I would recommend you do so. This way you will have a better understanding of this fan-fiction series. This is a long standing series that will span across the entire game and beyond.

Disclaimer: A long list of mods have been used during this current playthrough of Fallout 4, so the experience/journey will differ from your own playthrough.


Spending a night with these Brotherhood of Steel soldiers is quite different from being with the wasteland survivors and members of the Minutemen. They're proud and dedicated to what they stand for but also very unpredictable. Paladin Danse, leader of this outfit is direct but respectful. Scribe Haylen is the friendliest of the three left. She made me feel most welcome especially when you could hear feral ghouls scuttling outside. Danse said the Cambridge area is swarming with the creeps. For that fact alone I am glad he allowed us to stay here with them for the night. Well Danse did, Knight Rhys wasn't too happy with the decision. He has done nothing but given me and Nate a hard time since we arrived. He did nothing but stare at me and watch my every move, while I was awake. Writing this now makes me wonder if he was watching me while I was asleep as well. If he did he's a creep....

It became clear that Danse had no intention of clearing out Cambridge so either way I'd have to fight through those ghouls for my journey to Diamond City. Not ideal but when does the wasteland give us anything ideal to work with. Just as we were about to leave Danse, reluctantly, offered me a "job". He needed help going to ArcJet Systems for some communication equipment but with his squad thin I guess he thought an extra few guns would be appreciated. It was an offer I didn't want to turn down. I don't really trust these guys but having military allies would help the Minutemen, potentially anyway. They don't seem the most charitable of people but until I know their goal in the Commonwealth I can't pass judgement on them. Haylen and that asshole Rhys stayed to protect the Police Station while we moved out with Danse as the sun rose.

The journey to ArcJet was simple. A few bloatfly bugs and armed thugs but nothing we couldn't handle. Surprisingly Paladin Danse opened up more than expected about the Brotherhood and their cause. Valuable information that I can keep while I proceed across the wasteland. Inside ArcJet was nothing but a dump. Everything destroyed. Danse suggested the damage to security was from the "Institute". It is the first time I have heard of them and from hearing the horrors they inflict I don't know whether I'm happy I know about them or not. Their synths are deadly. Their energy weapons definitely made me fear for my life. I might not trust Danse but if he wasn't here during my first encounter with these Institute war machines. The Commonwealth is more screwed than I could ever have imagined. Sometimes I wish I could've stayed frozen in cryo back at Vault 111 (before my son was taken of course).

After we had cleared ArcJet and got Danse whatever he needed, he offered me something I was not expecting. A place within the Brotherhood of Steel. He was serious. A place within his squad and ultimately the BOS. Perhaps he sees something in me that is worthy enough, a bit like when Preston promoted me to the rank of General in the Minutemen. I declined the offer which Danse fully understood and perhaps expected, it is hard to tell with a battle-hardened soldier. I bet it wouldn't have gone down well with Knight Rhys if I had accepted but screw him, he's gotta sort his attitude out. Nevertheless I counter proposed a basic alliance between the Minutemen and the Brotherhood of Steel. He agreed in a vague manner allowing myself and any companions to use the Police Station in Cambridge when they need it. An alliance exists between me and the BOS it appears but between the BOS and the Minutemen, I am not sure?

Thinking back on the offer to join was tempting but I had already committed in some capacity to the Minutemen. Plus I don't know what their intentions are which plays on my mind. Nate agrees with me that they seem very suspicious while also helping. Either way I'd much rather have them not shooting me on sight and an ally in this horrific wasteland. If the Minutemen and Brotherhood clash in the near future, I will have to address that issue.....hopefully in a peaceful and respective matter. Right now the Minutemen are no match for the Brotherhood's firepower. If there is an army vastly equipped like Danse's squad then the Minutemen would not survive. We are struggling as it is against the scum currently roaming the Commonwealth.

This alliance is a complete unknown but at least we have a foothold in Cambridge. It feels like we will never reach Diamond City, there is so much between us and them. Onward until the next entry in my journal...