Lexington - Fallout 4 Journal Entry #5


I'm not sure how we are still alive. I fucking hate Lexington. I have been proven wrong about the Deathclaw being the worst thing I have encountered. Yes, it probably is individually but collectively Lexington topples that. What a horrible experience...this is probably the normal experience of the wasteland though.

I don't even know where to start...

Going through Lexington was the most logical choice in our journey towards Diamond City, we had more incentive though as we wanted to help out those people at Tenpines Bluff. Their Raider problem had to be addressed. From previous encounters with them sort of fanatics, I didn't expect so many to be situated in one location. Felt like an army of them. That was after I met my first Feral Ghoul (well more like dozens of the creatures.) Vile. To think they used to be human like me and Nate. Radiation at its worst. Mindless creatures killing all that stood before them. The number of times we had to run. Retreating into nearby buildings only to be greeted by more of the buggers. Greeted as well by dead Minutemen corpses. A sad sight. Their blood stained blue uniforms were enough to make a lasting impression, not to mention the fear filled holotapes some of them left behind.

I took them to try and keep their memory alive. Perhaps Preston is the last of the Minutemen here in the Commonwealth. A noble cause drained to its core.

Lexington appears to be a lost cause, unless some military power comes in to clean it up but that doesn't seem likely. The old military of the United States are gone. Only abandoned checkpoints and vehicles are left from back then.

One half of the damn town is infested with Feral Ghouls while the other half is inhabited by bloody Raiders. Why the Raiders decided to come here in the midst of all these Ghouls is beyond me. Nevertheless they are here. They were smart, compared to the ones I had previously met. More organised. Fortified themselves in a handful of locations. Wise considering all the Feral Ghouls roaming around. This made mine, Nate's and Dogmeat's approach difficult. But we managed, striking some of their positions from distance. Luckily Nate had the marksmanship skills I am lacking. I am no skilled soldier...a few days ago I would have even said I was no killer either, but the wasteland changes that quickly. We used a fragmentation grenade to create bait for a horde of ghouls...it worked. (Tip for further encounters). While they swarmed the Raiders we managed to pick a few more off, especially from the top of the building. It worked a lot better than I could have imagined. This battle was far more than we could handle but we had no choice but to see it through now.

Room after room in the Corvega Assembly Plant, more Raiders died. I over estimated their mental capacity before we got inside. Very slow at reacting to us...it was like they didn't know we were inside. How? Surely all the gunfire outside would have put them on alert. Over confidence said Nate, its a downfall of many people. It clearly was for these Raiders. Confident in their defences and own capabilities. Naive as they're all dead. Dead mostly by our hands...bullets...and blades. With each kill it supposedly got easier to accept, I was a killer. I do realise this is the reality of the Commonwealth but it doesn't make it an easy thing to do. If I hadn't killed them, then they would have killed me or even worse. Not something I want to think about. Nevertheless each kill weighs on my soul. Having said that there was justification in what we did, Tenpines Bluff are safe from this group at least. There was no second thoughts about taking out Jared. Dogmeat ripped his body apart...I would say good-boy but he definitely has a scary/vicious side. I'm glad he's on my side.

I don't fully understand the wasteland like I have said before but I think I accept how things are now.

Nate forced us to leave Lexington but not in the direction I was hoping for. Diamond City is our target but Nate speaks some sense. We aren't prepared to go any further. We returned to Sanctuary Hills (which is where I'm writing this entry). We hitched a ride back with Trashcan Carla. Decent enough lady always looking for a sale. I don't have enough caps to really buy anything right now...not that I know what's a good price or not. Caps, how ridiculous. As much as I want to run head first towards Shaun, deep down I know Nate is right. We barely made it out of Lexington unscathed.

Diamond City will have to until another day, for now we are in a safe-ish place at least. Preston was grateful for the holotapes of the dead Minutemen back in Lexington but he didn't say much about it which is understandable. His admiration went through the roof though when we told him about helping Tenpines Bluff. The actions of a Minuteman he said. He asked Trashcan Carla to notify the settlers about this...a task she was more than happy to do, for a handful of caps of course.

Just watching how things are in this new world definitely sparks curiosity within me. The Commonwealth is an interesting place...in a twisted way.

- Kendra