Military Frequency AF95 - Fallout 4 Journal Entry #8

If you haven't read the previous entries, I would recommend you do so. This way you will have a better understanding of this fan-fiction series. This is a long standing series that will span across the entire game and beyond.

Disclaimer: A long list of mods have been used during this current playthrough of Fallout 4, so the experience/journey will differ from your own playthrough.


The journey back towards Lexington was straight forward. The dangers previously encountered had minimised, probably due to me and Nate gunning down anyone who threatened us. We found some stray survivors at a small campsite near Drumlin Diner. Luckily they stayed away from the crazy ordeal between Trudy and Wolfgang. They were vulnerable and appreciated our approach. Even though we couldn't escort them we directed them towards Sanctuary and a glimmer of hope.

The network of settlements and trust between the wastelanders and Minutemen is beginning to appear through the murkiness of the desolate Commonwealth.

But we pressed forward only to encounter a strange frequency just past the Corvega Assembly Plant. My PIP-Pad picked it up on its internal radio. Military Frequency AF95. I couldn't quite believe that a military frequency was broadcasting. I thought the military had vanished with the nuclear bombs. But here it was.

Frequency transcript:

"This is Scribe Haylen of Reconnaissance Squad Gladius to any unit in transmission range. Authorisation Arx. Ferrum. Nine. Five. Our unit has sustained casualties and we're running low on supplies. We're requesting support or evac from our position at Cambridge Police Station. Automated message repeating...."

Listening to the broadcast several times concerned myself and Nate. He knew a military broadcast like this was seriously bad news. He'd heard plenty of these back in his service days. The automated repeat also raised some concerns that the members of this frequency had died long ago but we couldn't sit back and not investigate. Approaching Cambridge was reminiscent of Lexington. Dangerous and infested. Mines made the approach difficult and slow. Ghouls lied dead everywhere. Everywhere. There was so many of them. Much more than Lexington. A big test of survival happened here as barricades and defensive positions had been overrun but the Raiders had took many feral ghouls with them. But not all of them. The remnants rushed us like no tomorrow. It was terrifying but all I could do was open fire on them. Our gunfire clearly woke up more ghouls than anticipated as excessive laser fire broke out in the near distance short after. There was only one thing we could! And hope the people firing were friendly enough not to shoot us on sight.

Ghoul after ghoul stirred from its festering hole. Only to block me, Nate, Dogmeat and these "military" members in a fortified position at the police station. All I can say as I sit here now inside the police station, is that I don't know how we survived. The onslaught of feral ghouls was relentless. This wasteland strikes fear into me during every encounter. Nate is trying to stay strong for me but I can see its effecting him too. If this is the trend as we get closer to Diamond City - that the deeper we get the more dangerous it gets - then we are going to need some sort of help. And help is what we got. The Brotherhood of Steel, an alliance between us has formed purely for necessity. They don't seem to keen on us and neither us with them. We don't know each other but to survive we must fight together.

Paladin Danse, the commanding officer of this Brotherhood detachment is keeping watch as the night has drawn in. At least they're willing, sceptically, to let us stay in the outpost until further notice.

I'm curious about this Brotherhood of Steel. Preston hasn't mentioned them and I'm not sure of their ultimate intentions here in the Commonwealth but only time will tell if they will be a valuable ally for the Minutemen.

Nate appears more trusting than me but I think that is just his military side showing its face. Brothers in arms and all that jazz.

It's already been a few hours in the police station...hopefully we won't be stuck here for too long.

- Kendra