Diamond City - Fallout 4 Journal Entry #11

If you haven't read the previous entries, I would recommend you do so. This way you will have a better understanding of this fan-fiction series. This is a long standing series that will span across the entire game and beyond. Also please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below. All feedback is appreciated.

Disclaimer: A long list of mods have been used during this current playthrough of Fallout 4, so the experience/journey will differ from your own playthrough.


We reached Diamond City yesterday. Finally! Such a relief. It has been a tough journey here. After leaving Cambridge, Diamond City was closer than we originally thought. We managed to get past the Raiders at what we now know is called the U.S.S Riptide wreckage. Damn Raiders are assholes but we made it past them. But it didn't end there approaching this destroyed but crammed city we heard relentless gunfire which turned out to be a battle between Diamond City security and a bunch of green monsters - Super Mutants. This is our first real experience with these creatures that everyone speaks about. It is bad enough fighting Raiders and irradiated creatures out here but these Super Mutants seem to be on a totally different level of danger. They're brutal and surprisingly organised and somewhat intelligent. We assisted the security troops in fending them off....after all they were in our way to Diamond City's entrance. It is clear to see that Diamond City is the "Jewel of the Commonwealth" when you look at all the security and defences surrounding the place. Not to mention the huge green gate that serves as its entrance.

Piper seems an interesting person but thanks to her I was able to get into the city.

Inside is glorious. Maybe not for those who have been living in the wasteland for so long but for me and Nate it was incredible to see what survivors have built in order to restore a piece of society. This once baseball stadium is astonishing and bustling with life. It looks rough as do the people but their is no luxury living in the wasteland. At least it is safe!

Once again the Institute keeps popping up as worry spreads throughout the residents of Diamond City. Synths are a constant worry for the people - and talking about Synths, some crazy shit happened in the market area. Some guy pulled a gun on his brother because he thought he was a Synth, crazy right, but Diamond City security blew his head off in response to endangering the residents of Diamond City. I couldn't believe my eyes. The fear is so high in this town you can cut through the tension with a knife. We are trying to stay out of the spotlight around here being the newbies but it seems people are already noticing us. Nevertheless we are hear to try and find some help in order to find Shaun. Both Piper and Mayor McDonough spoke of a detective named Nick Valentine which we tried to speak to but he is not here in Diamond City. Typical.

His assistant is concerned about his wealth-fare with his latest job. If only there was some other detective out there that specialised in missing-people but it appears there isn't. This is just typical of the wasteland...no matter what we try to do it seems like the Commonwealth doesn't want us to find Shaun. It feels like it is trying to push us away from catching his trail. He's a baby for gods sake he needs to be looked after by his parents not some thief or science facility. It is hard to focus but if we are going to find Shaun we need to find Mr. Valentine.

We have a rough idea of where he could be, lets hope we have some luck and actually find him this time.

Side Note -
In the back of my mind I keep thinking about Preston and those back at Sanctuary. I feel like I am neglecting the Minutemen in my absence but I know Preston will be doing the right things to move the cause forward. The settlements that have pledged their support to the Minutemen will give us the foundation to make the Minutemen successful in making the Commonwealth a safer place again. Shaun is my top priority but I feel like I have a duty to be the best General I can be. The more I travel through the wasteland the more I see how much the people need the Minutemen. Misery and destruction is everywhere. Perhaps I can do my part to erase some of that.

- Kendra